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Mon School is looking for authors to create more interactive courses on the platform. If you are a passionate programmer with interest to create a course on Mon School, please apply for a grant.

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Mon School is looking for authors to create more interactive courses on the platform.

The courses on Mon School are targeted at programmers at beginner and intermediate level. Each course includes lessons with interactive examples, exercises, quizzes and videos. You can checkout the existing courses on Mon School and the upcoming courses on the monschool-website repository.

If you are a passionate programmer with interest to create a course on Mon School, please apply for a grant.

Here are some courses that we think would be good to have on the platform.

Getting Started with Git

A course to introduce git version control system to beginners. It would be good to focus on understand the need for a version control, how git enables collaboration etc. in addition to understanding how to use the commands.

Getting Started with Javascript

Introduction to javascript to beginners, limited to client-side only. It would be good to include introduction to the language, querying and manipulating DOM , handling events and ajax.

Mastering Unix Command-line

An interactive course to learn unix command-line. Students would try example commands and solve exercises right from the browser. This would be good to cover using everyday commands like ls, cd, cat, grep etc, input/output redirection, pipes, environment variables, writing shell scripts etc.

Building Command-line applications with Python

Many developers spend lot of time writing scripts to automate various things. This course takes that experience to the next level by making the students learn how to build professional command-line applications with Python. It would be good to cover argparse and click libraries, how to create CLI applications with subcommands etc. This course can include interactive examples and exercises that the students can try right from the browser.

Introduction to Python for Data Science

Introduction to Data Science using Python. Introduces how to think about data, doing loading, transforming and exploring datasets, basic visualization using matplotlib. It would be good to include some interesting datasets and some exercises.

Web Development with Python

Introduction to web development with Python and Flask.

Web Development with NodeJS

Introduction to web development with NodeJS.

Creative Coding with p5.js

Introduction to creative coding wit p5.js. It would be good to start with drawing simple shapes and go all the to build interactive animations and may be simple games.

Databases 101

An course to introduce databases and SQL. The focus should be able to use simple schemas and queries rather than understanding complex theory or ORMs.

Self Hosting 101 [Live]

Being a FOSS community, we all love self hosting. Most students these days start their journey with PaaS without ever understanding what is it to ssh to a machine. I would be wonderful to have a course to help people setup their own server, configure nginx, install postgres/mysql, deploy a python webapp app using supervisor and learn the tips and tricks to monitor the server and look for logs.

We also are open to consider other interesting courses as well.

If you would like to create one of these course or you have any interesting course in mind, please write to us or apply for a grant.

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