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Self Hosting 101
Learn how to self host and manage applications on servers.
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Have you ever wanted to host your website or your favorite app on your own server, but not sure how to get started?

Welcome to Self Hosting 101, the beginners guide to self hosting.

This course starts with fundamentals of setting up a new server, installing system packges and goes all the way to deploying static websites and deploying database backed web applications. It will also conver how to troubleshoot when things goes wrong.

With step by step instructions and tasks, this hands-on course introduces you the complex world of self hosting in a very simple way.

Important: This course requires $5 to create a DigitalOcean droplet. If you are creating a new account on DigitalOcean you will get free credits which is enough to complete this course.

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Ansh Arora
1 month ago
This was excellent!
Raunak R
5 months ago
Great course, I always wanted to self host a site, this course indeed helped me on doing that. There are some queries raised by students which are unanswered and should be looked into. Also since the course's focus on self hosting, a chapter on rasppi or hosting on one's laptop can be included!
Excellent course, learned some key concepts and felt the pace and depth of explanations were excellent - thank you.
Vishal Arya
2 years ago