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The Joy of Programming
Start your journey into the magical world of programming, by writing programs to create amusing patterns.
Mypy Primer
Learn how to implement static type checking in Python
Self Hosting
Self Hosting 101
Learn how to self host and manage applications on servers.
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Feedback from students who have already taken our courses.

Vimal K R

"It was a real joy to try and learn the fundamentals of programming through an entirely different and new approach. I believe there is a huge potential for this platform and I am really looking forward to its new courses."

Salman Nazeer

"This course makes programming approachable to beginners while keeping it interesting and engaging. More than just teaching syntax, this course helps beginners to think like a programmer. Best of all, you got a mentor to help you if you get stuck."

Akash Muraleedharan

"As a mentor, I find this platform very easy to use. The course is structured in a way that students complete each exercise as if they are solving a puzzle or playing an online game, all while learning the basic concepts of programming."


"The course is easy to understand and it is also easy to write code. I can draw different types of shapes and designs by writing code. I've made more than 20 sketches so far and will continue to make more."

Riya P Mathew

"Compared to the conventional text outputs, the graphical outputs of code executions provided new-found satisfaction and a drive to try out more. I have relished being both a student and a mentor."

Prathyush S

"Excellent method of teaching. Free quality training. No words to describe the journey of 3 weeks."

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have more questions, you can e-mail us at foundation@fossunited.org

Mon School is a community managed and built social learning platform whose goal is to help people learn coding by connecting and accessing high quality content and mentors.

The Mon.School platform is built by FOSS United Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to the cause of building Free and Open Source (FOSS) projects and communities in India and elsewhere.

Yes, it is completely free. Our goal is to help college students learn coding in a fun manner and socially. The platform is built by FOSS United and volunteers. You are welcome to volunteer and help us keep it free.

Having a computer would be better, but even a smart phone is good enough. The Mon.School platform is mobile friendly and quite many students are already learning this course on their mobile phones.

The courses are offered in both self learning and mentored formats. The Joy of Programming course is always open for self-learning. Mentored courses are currently run via TinkerHub.

Yes! The vision of Mon School is to be an open platform for learning. If you have an idea and structure for a course in mind then reach out to us at foundation@fossunited.org. We would love to hear from you