Grants for Creating Courses

FOSS United Foundation is offering grants for creating interesting courses on Mon School.

The courses on Mon School are targeted at programmers at beginner and intermediate level. Each course includes lessons with interactive examples, exercises, quizzes and videos. You can checkout the live and upcoming courses on the course page.

Grant Amount

The grant amount for each course is Rs. 1,00,000/-.


The applicant must have an Indian Bank account to receive the grant.


  • Course outline
  • Course content for every lesson along with examples
  • Exercises and quizzes for each lesson
  • Teaser video for the course
  • Video for each lesson

Selection Process

We’ll review the application and schedule a call to discuss it in detail. During the call we’ll explain the course creation process and assess if the applicant has relevant expertise and interest to create the course.

Once confirmed, the applicant can start working on creating the course and we’ll closely follow the course creation and provide regular feedback throughout the process. The grant amount will be paid after the course creation is complete.

To know some of the courses that we would love to see on the platform, please checkout this blog post.

If this sounds exciting to you and you are interested in creating a course, please apply.

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