About Mon.School

Mon.School is a community managed and built social learning platform whose goal is to help people learn coding by connecting and accessing high quality content and mentors. This platform is built on Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) that anyone can contribute to, or run their own learning communities.

Who is it for

The first goal of Mon.School is to connect course designers, mentors and students in engineering colleges all over India and help students learn coding in a collaborative manner. We hope that through this experiment, we will create high quality software engineers in India and also educate and initiate them into community based development models (FOSS).

The Mon Platform

Mon is a brand of social platforms that will be published by FOSS United and Mon.School is the first experiment. The vision of Mon platforms will be to provide community-run alternatives to large private platforms. We believe that public run platforms can co-exist with private platforms (like public parks vs gates communities) and can be a non commercial space where people can feel free to share and participate without ads and tracking.

About FOSS United

FOSS United Foundation is a registered non-profit founded in 2020, dedicated to the cause of building Free and Open Source (FOSS) projects and communities in India and elsewhere. The foundation, currently in its infancy, aims to provide grassroots support to FOSS projects and events, and invite industry patronage to support FOSS, in India. Learn more about FOSS United