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Learn how to implement static type checking in Python
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It should be no surprise that Python is a dynamically typed language. And indeed, having dynamic types in your code is one of the best features of Python. But dynamic types has its own problems as well, as it takes away a great feature that statically typed languages like C++ and Java provide: You can't accidentally pass the wrong types in them. If you pass an integer where a string is expected in Java, your code won't compile. But in Python, your code will start just fine, until it crashes with a TypeError while running. Wouldn't it be great, if you could optionally write types in Python, to get the same type checking guarantees that statically typed languages have? Mypy lets you do exactly that!

Mypy is Python's official type checker. It's a really valuable and mature tool that interacts seamlessly with Python, to provide really powerful features like type safety, null safety, static duck typing, and generics, allowing you to have your Python code checked with a solid type system.

Mypy Primer will take you from knowing nothing about mypy, to being able to skillfully implement static type checking in your projects.

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Mohamed Rashid
2 months ago
Useful course to start on type checking with Python.