Git & GitHub for beginners
Get started with learning how to version control and collaborate on your projects with Git & GitHub.
Git & GitHub for beginners
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As a developer, writer, or creator, you all deal with files every day. At some point, you are dealing with making new files or changing the old files and then saving it all over again. But how do you track the file changes that are being made over time? It was this simple question that prompted the development of version control systems.

Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel, was prompted to develop a distributed version control system when the license for BitKeeper, an existing version control system, was revoked, which is today known as Git. Today, Git is universally used worldwide for version controlling the files and is now integrated into various popular services to manage applications and data.

However, the technical jargon around Git is quite challenging to understand. You might know how to make a commit to save your changes, but how do you squash your commits? How do you resolve a merge conflict and collaborate with other developers?

These are some of the questions that leave developers prowling across Stack Overflow threads looking for answers. This course aims to get you started with Git from a completely non-technical perspective and help you upskill yourself in Git with real-world examples.

You don't need to prowl for commands any longer, and you will understand how you can develop mental models around Git and its practical usage. With interactive lessons, real-world analogies, and scenario-based exercises, you will learn how to use Git with GitHub, a Git hosting service, while employing a host of services.

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